LiftShare Scheme

Birchwood Park’s Exclusive LiftShare scheme includes more options to help you share your commute to work!

Share your car journey, your cycle ride, your walk, your run, or your taxi ride!

The scheme is simple and easy to use and matches individuals with others driving/ cycling/walking/running the same route.

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The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) scheme is provided in order to ensure that members of the Birchwood Park car sharing scheme are able to get home in the event of a home or family emergency, or illness or a sudden change in the work schedule of either the car driver or the passenger occurring during work time.

Under the GRH scheme, if a car sharing passenger is not able to car share as usual due to exceptional circumstances, and no practical alternative route home is available for them, they can be reimbursed for the journey home from their usual working premises by public transport and/or by taxi for actual expenditure up to the maximum amount of £30 by the Birchwood Park team.

Download the full GRH policy