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Wellbeing Week: #BeSocial

We’ve all seen the family out for dinner, with every family member, from toddlers to grandparents, glued to their phones. Have you ever thought about just how much time you spend either on your smartphone, online or plugged in? Whether at home, in a social setting, or at work – we now live in a technology driven society.

There has been a lot of research into the effects of the technological revolution on the way we socialise and connect with each other; a growing reliance on social technology (rather than face-to-face interaction) has been linked to increased feelings of isolation.

Whether in a social or business setting, it is important to recognise the value of face-to-face interaction, old fashioned networking and the kind of relationship building that is only possible through each other’s company and expression.

Applying this to the workplace and the very real issues of mental health and wellbeing, it has never been more important to think about the way we ensure socialising and community is a part of the working day. Especially given that large chunks of our day can often be spent working alone at our desks.

At Birchwood Park, we’ve recognised the importance of creating a real community feel to ensure people feel part of more than the four walls of the office. On the park, this could be attending a fitness class, going to one of the movie nights with a group of colleagues, learning a new language at one of our language classes, or simply grabbing lunch in one of our cafés.

And, aside from the benefits to personal wellbeing – including increased happiness and reduced stress – research has shown that investing in engagement and culture benefits employers too, with decreased absence-sickness levels and improvements to productivity.

How do you like to #BESOCIAL? We’re always looking for ways to improve our thriving business community – send any ideas to suzanne.whitelaw@patrizia.ag.