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Wellbeing Week: #BeMindful

As part of our first Wellbeing Week, we’re promoting the many ways you can #BEMINDFUL on the park, from attending our yoga or mindfulness classes, to visiting our quiet room or workplace chaplain. But, what does it really mean to #BEMINDFUL?

What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness has been described as a way of being; a way of doing what you’re already doing, but with focus and open-minded, non-judgemental awareness. Put simply, it is a technique where you focus your mind on the present. By concentrating on sights, sounds and physical sensations, you can achieve mental clarity.

What are the benefits?
The art of mindfulness is thought to help with feelings of stress, pressure and anxiety – feelings often associated with the workplace. It has also been linked to physical health benefits such as lower blood pressure, while research has suggested it can even impact on weight loss through improving eating behaviours and attitudes.

Alternatives to mindfulness
Practising mindfulness isn’t the only way to #BEMINDFUL. There are a number of other ways to promote the mental balance associated with the practice, including:

  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Other forms of meditation or prayer
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – involves systematically tensing and relaxing your body muscles to relieve feelings of anxiety
  • Simply taking ‘time out’ to reflect – this could be in a quiet room or on a short walk, wherever you feel most comfortable

Have you come across a new way to #BEMINDFUL? Think it could be the next mindfulness? We’re always looking out for new initiatives and practices to bring to the park. Email suzanne.whitelaw@patrizia.ag with the details.