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Welcome to Wellbeing Week

In 2018, Birchwood Park is celebrating 20 years of wellbeing. Since the Park’s inception in 1998 it has been driven by an ethos that businesses should expect more from their workplace – be that through the best amenities, transport connections or a real community feel.

As the wellbeing agenda has gathered pace, the links between a healthy office environment and improved productivity, retention and recruitment of the best people have been widely publicised. Though others have followed suit, Birchwood Park has continued to stand out in the North West for its unwavering commitment to workplace wellbeing.

To celebrate this commitment and mark Birchwood Park’s 20th anniversary, today marks the start of our very first Wellbeing Week. Through a jam-packed calendar of activities designed to nurture the very best working environment, we will help our occupiers: be healthy, be active, be mindful and be social.

For details of the activities taking place across the week and to sign up, visit: http://parklife.birchwoodpark.co.uk/wellbeing-week-activity-list/