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Spring Studio Timetable - Live from 17th April

We are delighted to say that our new class timetable goes live on 17th April.

Download our new studio timetable

As the seasons change, why not explore our fitness classes that will not only help you get in shape but will keep you motivated over the summer months.

AeroBoxing (30mins)
Blending non-contact boxing moves with an intense aerobics workout.

Bootcamp (30mins)
A mix up of circuits, using a mix of equipment and body weight.

Couch to 5k (45mins)
This group will help people of all fitness levels gradually work up to running 5km.

Dance Fit (45mins)
Simple, fun dance fitness routines to a ‘banging’ mix of tunes.

Dance Step (30mins)
Step is an aerobic exercise stepping onto and off an elevated platform.

Fab ABS (15mins)
If you’re on the hunt for that elusive six pack, this class will set you on the right road to finding it and chiselling that middle.

Fat Burn (30mins)
A bodyweight work out that mixes HIIT and Tabata in one workout.

Functional Fitness (30mins)
Help support your body in real-life movement and activities.

Functional Step Workout (30mins)
Using adjustable steppers, this class uses cardio to produce an easy to learn and effective workout.

Group PT Training (30mins)
Choose from cardio training and weight training. Max 4 people per session!

Hyrox Workout (30mins)
10 divisions separated by weights and reps schemes, sub-categorized by age. A timed, competitive, race with comparable world wide rankings – not just for the elite but for everybody!

Insanity Workout (30mins)
Sweat, stretch & strengthen – all in one workout using just your bodyweight.

Kettlebells (45mins)
Kettlebells is designed to get your overall body working.

Magic Bar (45mins)
A resistance-based strength workout that targets your whole body.

Mobility (30mins)
A class to help you to develop the ability to move more freely in different ranges of movement.

Raise the Bar (30mins)
A high- intensity full body workout. This class will get you lean, strong, fast and fit.

Running Club (30mins)
Run with others to challenge yourself.

Spinning (30mins)
• Endurance: Pro-health classes aimed at improving endurance and aerobic capacity.
• Hill: Training simulating riding in mountainous terrain.
• Interval: Involves a series of high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.

Tabata Workout (30mins)
A fast paced interval session; short bursts of exercise followed by a short rest over a mix of moves.

Walkie Talkies Lunch Walk (30mins)
Join Jeanette for a walk around the Park – grab a Starbucks if you like, first one is on us!

Yoga (45mins)
Helping to tone up muscles and increase flexibility, calming the mind and de-stressing completely.
• Chill Yoga: A relaxing session to wind down from a long day at work.
• Flow Yoga: A dynamic yoga to build strength and flexibility.
• Hatha Yoga: A perfect controlled practice, slow and detailed with cues.
• Pregnancy Friendly Yoga: Supporting you through your Pregnancy physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Zumba (45mins)
This dance based class takes the ‘work’ out of workout

80’s Walking Workout (20mins)
This low impact fun session will smash out 3,000 steps.

Are you interested in working out with your friends and colleagues? Why not book a corporate boot camp with one of our trainers – just half an hour of exercise a week can help improve team work, motivation and stress. Ask one of our friendly team for more information: info@alive-well.co.uk

Classes require advanced booking via the Fit Sense app or info@alive-well.co.uk