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Nordic Delicacies at The Centre

To mark the beginning of Summer and the of end Winter, The Norsemen buried their sledges in bogs to store them for the next Winter. The English translation of this practice was “Sledge to the bog going” which eventually became tobogganing. To mark this tradition much ale was consumed along with Norstle cake, and Smorgasbords.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer ale, but we will be offering a special menu in The Garden Restaurant on Thursday 5th April:

Swedish meatballs
Janssons-frestelse – gratin with potato and anchovies
Gravedlax – cured salmon
Toast Skagen – prawns, lump fish caviar, on toast
Vastkustsallad – seafood salad from the Swedish west-coast
Rodbetssallad – beetroot-salad
Inlagd Sill – pickled herring
Vasterbottenpaj – Vasterbotten cheese-pie
Norstle cake