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We need your support to help set up a blood donation venue here at Birchwood Park

In England, around 8,000* blood transfusions are carried out every day, which is why there’s always a need for blood donations.

Blood components have a short shelf life and predicting the demand can be difficult. By giving blood, every donor is contributing to a nation-wide challenge to provide life-saving products whenever and wherever they are needed.

With a large number of blood donors in the local area and on the Park, we are trying to persuade the Blood Unit to set up a for a donation venue here on the Park.

Birchwood Park is home to more than 165 organisations employing 6,000 people. We believe that Birchwood Park community can contribute greatly to meet the growing demand for blood and help treat patients in need across England.

We need your help to make this happen, please sign the petition to show your support to a donation day coming to the Park, we need to demonstrate how many people on the Park support this.


Help us ensure we have enough life-saving supplies.

*source: www.nhs.uk