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Mindfullness and Meditation with Cheshire Calm

Would like to have a Mindfulness & Meditation class here on the Park ?

Join us in The Centre on 24th April 2017 where Cheshire Calm will be setting up a pop up stand to answer any questions you may have about future mindfulness and meditation classes that may be hosted at Birchwood Park.

Cheshire Calm (www.cheshirecalm.co.uk) provides drop-in classes (and tailor-made courses) which include short meditations and practical mindfulness techniques to promote well-being and help manage stress. Our approach uses traditional (Buddhist and Taoist) and modern (secular) methods.

Meditation can be practiced in a variety of postures (sitting, standing, walking). Simple (standing) Chi Kung movements can be included to aid relaxation, promote health, and develop body awareness. No equipment is needed for classes, but loose, comfortable clothing is recommended, and some like to bring cushions to sit on (chairs can also be provided).

Come and join us at The Centre from 12 noon – 2pm.