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LWA’s Steve Collings shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review

The September edition of The Parliamentary Review, a publication now in its fifth year of circulation, serves as a platform for educators, politicians and business leaders alike to share their knowledge and best practice.

At this year’s Review, Steve Collings (Audit & Technical Director at Leavitt Walmsley Associates on Birchwood Park), was invited to represent the accountancy profession and share his knowledge and experience to inform industry standards and outline best practice measures.

With an esteemed readership, including pertinent figures from both Houses, The Review maintains a non-partisan approach to sharing insight across a variety of policy sectors.

Leavitt Walmsley Associates Ltd (LWA) is an award-winning firm of accountants and has been providing accountancy and business advisory services for over 20 years. Steve Collings raised key points in The Review, on the changing landscape of accountancy, the changes to tax in the UK, and the future of the firm.

He comments “It is now important that the accountancy profession has a period of stability as frequent changes to the rules are both unhelpful and costly to practitioners and businesses.” The financial services sector has seen its fair share of uncertainty over the past couple of years, but it nonetheless remains stalwart and robust. In this year’s edition of The Parliamentary Review, notable firms from within the industry discuss GDPR, new financial legislation and the move towards leaving the European Union.

Daniel Yossman, the executive director of The Review, has already commented that the upcoming Review should certainly be one of the most interesting and insightful ever. “It is always a privilege to work with such extraordinary organisations such as Leavitt Walmsley Associates and for them to be able to share their individual success stories will always ensure that The Parliamentary Review remains essential reading.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister Theresa May says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

Should you wish to know more about Steve’s thoughts on the changing landscape of accountancy please read his contribution to The Parliamentary Review here or to speak to him for advice in his role as Audit & Technical Director at LWA, please call 01925 830 830.