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Chaplain’s Corner - Spot the chaplain at the Engine Rooms

I thought this week it would be useful to re-introduce you to our friendly MitE chaplains.

Jane & Lynne can be met in the Engine Rooms & outdoor areas on the good weather Mondays & Wednesdays respectively. Please do say hi & feel free to chat with them.

We are trying hard to be mindful of social distancing & the different emotions that people are experiencing in company as we all continue to navigate our way through covid. This means that our chaplains are having to find different ways of connecting with people and will only approach you to chat if they are able to maintain an appropriate social distance (which means mainly outside). So please do pop over for a socially distanced chat in the sofa area when you see them there. We are good listeners and happy to have the conversation led by you so if you want to talk about the weather, sport, family news or something that’s bothering you. The floor is yours as they say.

If you don’t manage to catch up with one of us on the day, as always you can contact us via email on info@mitechaplaincy.com where you can request a call-back, or you are very welcome to call me directly on my mobile: 07526 378529 either to chat or to arrange a time to meet with one of the chaplains.


We also have a range of resources on our web-site including some that are more specific to the Covid-19 outbreak and some that help in dealing with stress: https://mite.org.uk

If you prefer you can easily keep in touch with us on social media: Facebook: @mitechaplaincy Twitter: @mitesthwarr