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Chaplain’s Corner - Reaching out to those who are living in fear and anxiety

This week has been a roller coaster of news mainly about the conflict in Ukraine and the way in which people are yet again having their lives uprooted; the fear of what the day or night will bring; the anxiety of surviving and keeping their children safe. The fear and anxiety just goes on and on for those living through it and for those who are afraid for their relatives and friends who are living through it and perhaps are unable to keep in regular contact.

This world seems to constantly generate conflict in one area or another. We are fortunate here in the UK that such acts of aggression are rare. We have not had to live through the kind of sustained conflict that we are seeing in Ukraine, that people have experienced in Africa, in other Eastern European countries since WW2.

Is this, or any other, conflict having a negative effect on you? If so, what are you finding most difficult? How are you managing your reaction to it?

As chaplains part of our role is to help you find ways of nourishing yourself, giving yourself time to explore what will help you to feel positive and hopeful in life. We are that listening ear that you can bounce thoughts, hopes or concerns onto. We’re here to listen whatever you would like to talk about and if you just want to break up your day with a light-hearted conversation that’s all good too.

If you don’t manage to catch up with a chaplain on site, as always you can contact us via email on info@mitechaplaincy.com where you can request a call-back, or you are very welcome to call me directly on my mobile: 07526 378529 either to chat or to arrange a time to meet with one of the chaplains.

We also have a range of resources on our web-site including some that are more specific to the Covid-19 outbreak and some that help in dealing with stress: https://mite.org.uk

If you prefer you can easily keep in touch with us on social media: Facebook: @mitechaplaincy Twitter: @mitesthwarr

Our prayers are with people who are living in fear and anxiety wherever they are, whatever is causing it, be that conflict at home or abroad.

We are especially praying for the negotiating diplomats who are trying to broker peace in the Ukraine at the moment, that they will be able to reach a resolution that enables democracy, that keeps people safe and allows them to live in safety and harmony with their neighbours wherever they are in the world. That we will all have the strength and resilience to live with uncertainty and anxiety in the meantime.