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Chaplain’s Corner

“When one door closes, another one opens, but we often look so long & so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us” ~ Alexander Graham Bell

I love this quote & have seen many other similar ones in my time because it is so true to human nature isn’t it? At least I have found it to be so at times for myself even though I think of myself as being someone who has a strong faith in God, an open mind and a fairly positive outlook on life.

Can you relate to this quote? Have there been times in your life when you have hungered deeply after an opportunity that has been denied you? So deeply that you have missed out on something else that was available which could have been just as good? Or maybe you were fortunate enough to recognise the alternative opportunity just in time to take it in both hands and experience how much better it was than the original one you missed out on?

Those piano or riding lessons as a child that you couldn’t have – yet instead you learned to skateboard or ride your bike? That particular job you believed had your name on it as an adult – yet instead you were presented with an opportunity that enabled you to grow and develop your skills and expertise in a different environment?

How have you picked yourself up after any kind of disappointment? Do you spend a lot of time with regret, envy or anger at your loss or do you open your eyes and mind to other opportunities that life offered you instead?

We live in a society where everything is said to be possible, where wants and desires are expected to be met almost instantaneously and where we are often afraid for our children’s confidence and well-being if we aren’t able to give them the things that their friends have no matter how different our situation may be. Yet when we dwell on those things we risk losing our ability to appreciate what we do have and the alternatives that are available to us.

If this has struck a chord with you and you would like to explore it a little more with a chaplain, as always you can find them on Mondays and Wednesdays in the outdoor areas near the duck pond and the woodshed weather permitting. In the meantime, on the rainy days, or if you don’t manage to catch up with a chaplain outside you can contact us via email on info@mitechaplaincy.com where you can request a call-back, or you are very welcome to call me directly on my mobile: 07526 378529 either to chat or to arrange a time to meet.

We also have a range of resources on our web-site including some that are more specific to the Covid-19 outbreak and some that generally help in dealing with stress: https://mite.org.uk

If you prefer you can easily keep in touch with us on social media: Facebook: @mitechaplaincy Twitter: @mitesthwarr

Photo by Katarzyna Pracuch on Unsplash