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Cavendish Nuclear opens new office in Tokyo

Birchwood Park occupier, Cavendish Nuclear, the UK’s leading supplier of nuclear clean-up and site closure services, today announced the launch of its Japanese subsidiary at the official opening of its Tokyo office.

Cavendish Nuclear brings a proven track record to Japan in the delivery of complex technical projects across the sector, from the dismantling of experimental reactors and reprocessing plant to the design and build of innovative waste retrieval systems and the shutdown and decommissioning of nuclear power plant.

The nuclear industry in the UK and Japan share many similarities in their plant designs, operational histories and search for safer, faster and more cost-effective technology to decommission redundant facilities.

Cavendish Nuclear is the lead Joint Venture partner on the management of the clean-up of 13 licensed sites in the UK, including the experimental facilities at Dounreay, Harwell and Winfrith, and the first-generation Magnox generating stations. It is also a key supplier at Sellafield across a range of complex waste retrieval projects.

“We are excited by the opportunities in Japan to support operators and suppliers with solutions and technology with a proven track record in the UK,” said Simon Bowen, Chief Executive of Cavendish Nuclear.

“Our business brings together much of the UK’s rich heritage and knowledge in the operation and decommissioning of complex facilities. Our business model works on long-term relationships and trust in our ability to deliver projects safer, faster and at a lower cost.”

Cavendish Nuclear Japan will be headed up by Mark Rouse, President – Cavendish Nuclear Japan, whose previous role has been as Managing Director for the Dounreay site.

Cavendish Nuclear’s Tokyo office will be locally managed by Mike Goswell, Head of
Corporate Planning (Japan).