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Birchwood Park based children’s charity searches for forever family for brother and sister, aged 5 and 4

Children’s charity and leading voluntary adoption agency, Adoption Matters, family finding team is looking for a family for the siblings, a home for them to continue to grow up together.

The children are currently being cared for by foster carers Sharon and Paul who comment:  “They are amazing, we’d love to find them their forever home. They will love them. They’ve changed our lives”.

Freya and Chase enjoy being on the go and their foster carers love taking them to lots of activities!

They have a variety of different interests, but both of them love being outside, racing on their scooters, playing hide and seek, swimming and horse riding. Freya and Chase have a really good routine with their foster carers, which has really helped them both to feel safe and secure. They both sleep and eat well, although Chase is an early bird!

Freya and Chase enjoy helping their foster carers with things around the house, like putting away the shopping, and they have lovely manners.

Chase is a little boy with who it is impossible not to connect, because he is so loving and open-hearted. He is energetic and affectionate and his teaching assistant describes him as “full of beans”!

Chase and Freya’s teachers also feature in the campaign talking about the children. Chase’s teacher comments:

“Chase is an absolute pleasure to have in class. The progress we’ve seen in him is phenomenal”.

Freya is just 4, her foster carers describe her as an “independent little girl” who loves to sing, her favourite being ‘Let it Go’ Frozen from the popular Disney children’s film, and she just loves it when adults join in with her singing.

Freya’s teacher at nursery comments: “Freya is a very happy little girl and comes into nursery with enthusiasm. Freya is a super role model in supporting the new children to settle”.

Chase and Freya have had a difficult start to their life. Since moving to their foster carers’ home, they have benefitted from having a consistent routine and lots of play and encouragement. They have become calmer, happier and more vocal children. It is a source of enormous pride for all the adults in their lives to see the progress they have both made.

The children ideally require a two-parent family but Adoption Matters will consider enquiries from single enquirers, with older children or without children, who could offer Chase and Freya all the love, support and care they need to flourish.

Chase and Freya love spending time with other children and could live with older children. Freya and Chase have other siblings, and it is hoped they can spend time with them as they grow up.

Adoption Matters have a dedicated Centre for Adoption Support that provides therapeutic support to their approved adopters.

To find out more about the children visit: www.adoptionmatters.org/profile-cf