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A brand new all-electric pool car has just joined the team at EV Solutions, based in Chadwick House!

Switching to electric is beneficial for everyone, with all of the charge points around Birchwood Park it’s time you should too. Here’s what EV Solutions have to say:

What are the benefits of an electric company car?

  • Lowers Benefit in Kind Taxation costs – because electric vehicles are lower emission vehicles, the tax costs are significantly lower than conventional petrol or diesel cars
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – this instantly makes you a greener business and shows you’re doing your bit for the environment
  • Lower maintenance costs – with no expensive exhaust systems, starting motors or radiator systems to maintain, the servicing and maintenance costs are also significantly lower than petrol or diesel cars
  • Charge whilst you work – Birchwood park already have plenty of charge points installed so you can add some miles whilst you’re at work

To find out more on electric vehicle leasing, please contact steve@e-ve.co.uk or call e-ve on 0800 975 5900.

For more information on electric vehicle charge points, please contact harriet@evsolutions.co.uk or call 0800 975 5800.