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The 5 Elements Tai Chi Taster - Thank you for attending!

Thank you to everyone who attended The 5 Elements Taster on 12th October. We hope you enjoyed the taster session with Heather from Total Tai Chi.

These are a few comments we received after the session…

“I feel energized not exhausted”
“My stress has just disappeared”

If you are interested in attending Tai Chi here at Birchwood Park – please let us know at: info@birchwoodpark.co.uk and we will set up a 6 week trial session.

Heather has put together a few helpful tips you can work on while at your desk. We hope you can use some, if not all, of the following techniques below:-

Do you suffer from tension across your shoulders as you sit at your desk?
Release it by circling your shoulders forwards then backwards. Slowly lowering your shoulders to use all of your muscles.

Do you suffer from back pain?
Stand up. Push up and down with your hands keeping your body straight. This will stretch your spine like an uncoiled spring to reduce your pain.

Do you have problems sleeping?
Revert your breathing, as if you are a child, to increase your lung capacity, from 70% to 100%, to get you back to sleep quicker.

Please use the Blog called “Breathe In and Let It Go” on Heather’s website www.totaltaichi.co.uk