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Wellbeing Week: #BeHealthy

CBRE’s recent healthy offices research found healthy nutrition to improve performance by 45 per cent – a higher percentage than natural space, lighting, mental balance and physical exercise. Pair this with the proven short-term effects of snacks with high sugar and salt levels – dehydration, fatigue, headaches – and it is easy to see how making the right food and drink choices in the workplace can positively impact your day.

For employers, there are clear benefits to be had from supporting employees in their personal nutrition – this could be done by simply providing healthy snacks in the workplace, or helping employees make informed choices through nutritional talks or other resources.

Here are our top tips for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet at work:

  • Always have breakfast
    Start the day right with the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Research has shown our bodies need essential nutrients in the morning to fuel us for the day ahead.
  • Stay hydrated
    Dehydration can cause tiredness and poor concentration – keep a large water bottle next to you while at work to sip throughout the day.
  • Eat your lunch away from the desk
    Whether it is outside, in a breakout area or at a café on the park; getting away from the desk can ensure you take the time to enjoy your meal, reducing food cravings later.
  • Stretch your legs
    Next time you experience an afternoon slump, try going for a walk around the building before reaching for a sweet treat. A release of endorphins could be just what you need to re-energise!
  • Sharing is caring
    Found a delicious healthy snack recipe? Why not make and bring some nutritious treats into the office for all to enjoy.