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New online fitness classes with Jan

Fitness instructor, Jan Thompson is offering Birchwood Park occupiers a chance to join her online classes for just £18 per month.

Class Timetable

5.45pm to 6.20pm Pilates
6.20pm to 7.10pm Yoga

5.45pm to 6.20pm Body Conditioning
6.20pm to 7.10pm Yoga

11.00am to 11.40am Body Conditioning
11.40am to 12.30pm Yoga

11.00am to 11.40am Pilates
11.40am to 12.20pm Stretch and Flex


Body Conditioning class is a traditional form of conditioning. Hand held weights are optional. This session is suitable for all levels.

Pilates class is a matwork based class. This session is suitable for all levels.

Yoga sessions are flowing and as energetic as you want them to be. We work on Flexibility, Strength and Balance. This session is for those with Yoga experience.

Stretch and Flex is a development stretch class. Which means that we hold the stretches for several seconds and then take the stretches further. It is a lovely way to unwind on a Sunday. This session is for all levels.

The classes are for all levels and they are delivered via Zoom.

If anyone is interested please contact Jan on email or mobile phone.

Mobile 07974 763911