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Chaplain’s Corner

‘In life you need either inspiration or desperation’ ~ Tony Robins

How appropriate does that quote feel after this past year?

I don’t know about you but I feel as though this last year has offered plenty of both with so many changes and so much loss. Yet it has also had its upside for many people.

Time to spend with children, to learn a new hobby, time to think about what is important to you and how to hold on to that by creating a different rhythm of life in future. Communities coming together to support the most vulnerable people. Learning to use new technologies and building or maintaining relationships in a new way. Being able to work from home and get rid of the long commute.

For every hurt or difficulty that this situation has created, there has been a positive for someone and it struck me when I was reminded of this quote from Tony Robins, that is what life is like normally. It’s just that there has been so much more change and pain for so many people in quick succession this past year that it’s made us forget that.

It is so true though, that in life we need either inspiration or desperation in order to prompt us to make a change and whichever motivation we’ve received, making that change has the power to transform our lives in some way. I hope that for you, it has been the inspiration of finding a new hobby or being able to spend quality time with your family that you wouldn’t normally experience because of working long hours away from home. But even if it is desperation that’s created the need to change something, I pray that the way that transforms your life holds hope and that you are comforted and supported through the change process.

As humans, change can be one of the most difficult things for us to accommodate, especially if it’s come from a place of desperation rather than inspiration.

If you are feeling uncertain or if you are hurting at the moment – do you have someone to talk to who will listen without judging or telling you what you should do when you are feeling unsettled and just looking for someone to help you gain a new perspective but decide for yourself what’s next?

Chaplains can be that person for you. If you’d like to talk to one you are very welcome to call or text me directly on my mobile: 07526 378529. Alternatively you can email info@mite.org.uk and request a call back.

For more information on supporting wellbeing, we have a range of resources on our web-site including some that are more specific to the Covid-19 outbreak and some that help in dealing with stress in general: https://mite.org.uk/quietspace and you can find other resources on Mental Health Matters and in this TED talk How to be kinder to yourself amongst many other online offerings that will come up in any Google search.

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